01 Nov Dream Job Career Tips

Tip #4
Interview tip: Followup Thank You

When sending a followup “thank you” to someone after you have met with them, the question is: Do you send and email or write a card?

Your purpose thought the interview process is to STAND OUT among your competition. We live in an age of email responses. Most business people get dozens (hundreds?) of emails every day. Why be one of a dozen (or hundred?). I would advocate for you to buy simple, professional “thank you” cards and handwrite a “thank you” note. One tip is to write the note out in advance of putting it on a card so you can practice your penmanship and see how the note looks. Mail the hand written note THE SAME DAY as when you met the person you are thanking. That means it will get to the intended person two to three days later. Very few people take the time to WRITE a thank you note and when the person receives it, it is a nice reminder of your meeting and how thoughtful you are to take the time and write and mail a note. IT WILL MAKE YOU STAND OUT!

Tip #3
Interview tip: Always Ask for their Card

When you are finished with an interview or after a simple conversation with some, ALWAYS ask for their card. The information on a card is invaluable for you to contact them in the future. First, you know how to spell their name. If you want to find a sure fire way to NOT get a job, spell someone’s name wrong. Second, you know the person’s title. People are very proud of their titles.

If you want a second way to not get a job, use the wrong title when contacting someone. Third, you have the person’s contact information—phone, email, fax and address. You will set yourself apart from others by sending a “thank you” message—even after the simplest of interactions. Finally, you will typically see the company’s logo on the card. Logos are brands. Companies spend A LOT of money on developing their brand. It is an extremely important to know a
company’s brand. So, cards are a treasure trove of information…ASK FOR ONE!

Tip #2
Interview tip: Wear Your “You Can’t Hate Me” Outfit

It is important to think about what you want to wear to an interview. Whether you are a man or a woman, you want to wear a very neutral outfit—one that is hard to find fault with. Remember, you are there for the interviewer to LIKE you. For instance, if you are a man, you should wear a blue suit with a white shirt and a red tie. For a woman, you want to wear a professional looking dress or pant suit. You don’t want to give the interviewer anything to not like about you—like a loud tie. If you are in doubt about wearing something more causal (for a man, no tie or no jacket and for a woman, too causal a dress), you should always err on being more formal. Should you come back for a second interview AND you are invited by the interviewer to wear something more casual next time, then do so. Looking professional—even more so than the interviewer—is fine. Looking more casual than the interviewer can be a big mistake.

Tip #1
Interview Tip: Always plan on getting to your interview EARLY.

Let’s say you have an interview at 11am in a town/city you have never been to (or not to this particular part of town/city). Plan on getting to the building at 1030a. If all goes well and you are staring at the building at 1030am, go find a nearby coffee shop, have a bottle of water and review your notes.

Walk into the building at 1045am. Chances are you will have to provide some type of security— which will take some time. You walk off the elevator and into the offices where your interview will be. Introduce yourself the to receptionist and tell them who you are and who you are there to see. Ask to use the men’s/lady’s room. Use the facilities if necessary and take one last look at yourself to make sure you look every bit the professional you are about to describe to the interviewer.

(BTW—always bring a briefcase with you to keep pens, paper, a brush, mouthwash, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.) at 1055am, sit back in the reception area and review your notes one last time. Don’t be surprised if the interviewer is running late. You are now composed and prepared for your interview. Oh, by the way, if you plan on getting to the building and you have a minor delay, you can still make the 11a interview on time because you have time to spare.

Check back weekly for more tips.

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