“Once I graduated college I was beyond lucky to have my dad as a resource helping me to set up a plan and get a job. We followed all the steps he puts his clients through. Sometimes, it’s not always easy taking directions from your parents. He knew when to help and he knew when to let me find my way. I wouldn’t have my current job without my dad’s involvement.”

Tom McGarrity Jr./beIn Sports

“Mr McGarrity has been an enormous resource throughout the various stages of my career. Throughout my time in college he had helped prepare me for the first portion of my career. Through mock interviews and resume advice, I had the confidence and tools necessary to begin the search for my first role out of college. He has also been a vital help during the transitionary period of my career. He provided advice on how to approach searching for a new position as well as weighing options for a new opportunity to ensure I was making the best decision. I owe a lot to his continued mentorship and I will be applying the various lessons learned from his advice throughout the remainder of my career.”

Nick Cvetic/RealMatch

“Tom has been very supportive during and even after my senior year, and showed genuine interest in my interests and future plans. He challenged my expectations for myself. Through sharing personal experience, he taught me to embrace the unknown and realize “you cannot plan out life.”

Xinru Cheng/Physics M.Sc. Student at CERC, University of Ottawa

“All students make several huge and often terrifying leaps throughout their early lives. We make these leaps, like the first day of high school or college, and are thrown into an alien environment and must find a path for ourselves. As I reflected on my past leaps, I found that I often dismissed guidance, and never revealed how truly terrified I was. I can honestly say that Mr. McGarrity has given me not only the guidance, but the confidence that I so desperately needed. His insight into interpersonal communication in the business world has changed the way I view people and present myself. Because of this course I am both excited and prepared for my next leap.”

Connor Markey/May 2015 Graduate Texas State University

“Tom many thanks for the inspiring couple of days you spent coaching my son & recent college grad Connor. Your consulting business, Center of the Bulleye, has left a mark that he will carry with him for the rest of his life. The wisdom you imparted from interviewing skills to life lessons and anecdotes are valuable tools that they dont teach in school. Can’t thank you enough.”

Tony Markey (father of client)
Connor Markey/Texas State ’15 graduate

“Tom’s guidance with my post-college job search was invaluable on multiple levels, and gave me the tools to land the job that I was looking for coming out of college. What resonated with me was Tom’s deep interest in my personal development, and how he utilized that knowledge to make me the best candidate for the job that was right for me. It is rare to find someone so successful in their prior career, who can translate all that accumulated insight into helping others. I worked diligently throughout college to build the best resume possible, but in today’s super competitive job environment, an impressive resume is not enough. Tom helped me define the best job opportunities for me, developed a roadmap on how to go after them, and then with Tom’s expertise on everything from interviewing to negotiation he saw it through to contract signing. It is one of the many reasons I still reach out to Tom for advice, and highly recommend him to colleagues as a resource.”

Clay Graham/UBS

“Tom’s career advice came along at a time for me when it was much needed, and I can certainly attest my subsequent success in the job search to his assistance. In particular, I found the career workshop that he put on for me and my peers in March 2015 was extremely helpful in several aspects. I followed his tips to a T on acing “the interview”. From the steps to showing up on time and prepared for the interview, to developing the three main points for the interviewer to know about myself, I found Tom’s advice extremely valuable in the job search. And now that I have accepted a job offer, I will be sure to follow Tom’s “Rules of the Road” which will ensure my long-term success in the work place. What I will always remember is how Tom instilled the confidence in us from our experience in Colgate Football and demonstrated how we will use that experience to continue our success in our various careers. I cannot say enough about how grateful I am for Tom’s career advice in the second half of my Senior year, and I am sure that each of my teammates would testify to this as well.”

Vinny Russo/Cognolink

“All of Tom’s insight, coaching, and mentoring made a huge difference in my job search. His extensive professional experience proved invaluable. In many cases, he helped me make prompt professional decisions at critical times in the process. With the skills I learned with Tom, I have successfully landed a job that is everything I could have hoped for. THANK YOU, Tom!”

Jessica Santora/Twitter

“Mr. McGarrity was so instrumental during my job search. He helped me to keep my options open while explaining various possibilities to me. He also helped me to best utilize the resources available to me so that I could really take full advantage of my options.”

Natalie Carpenter/M Booth

“I met with Mr. McGarrity after being on several unsuccessful interviews. He and I rendezvoused for two hours the week before my interview. We drew up a game plan re. specific points I should address, as well as proper questions to ask, so that when I left the interview I would leave it all out there and have no regrets about my performance. I went into the interview feeling well prepared and confident. Mr. McGarrity was extremely helpful, and I am very thankful to have him as a resource!”

Ryan Doherty/Graham Capital Management

Gabriela Berroa/Univision