We prepare college seniors & recent grads with the job search skills and
interview techniques to launch a successful career.

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Welcome to Center of the Bullseye Consulting, LLC

Center of the Bullseye, based in Greenwich, Connecticut is a BOUTIQUE consulting firm specializing in career counseling, career coaching and job search counseling for college seniors and recent college graduates. As graduates launch into their job search and are subject to their first interview, paranoia sets in: What questions will I be asked? How should I answer them? How do I follow up? What questions should I prepare? Who am I going to be meeting with? What if I don’t know the answer to a question? What should I wear? What’s the difference between a phone interview, a Skype interview and an in-person interview? As the person being interviewed, you want to be THE BEST VERSION OF YOUR MOST AUTHENTIC SELF. Interviewing is an acquired skill. We will break down the process and put a plan together for you to be confident and prepared.

With over 20 years of experience, founder Tom McGarrity has worked with seniors and recent graduates in all aspects of career/job search in a workshop/real world fashion. In developing a professional network over that time, Tom is able to not only teach the aspects of searching for a career/job, but use this network for interviews and job hiring.

On the flip side, Tom teaches interview skills for the hiring of new employees. While having a pre-determined list of qualifications is a good start, Tom helps “those who hire” discern their potential employee’s competency, commitment, character and more. Please head to our “How to properly conduct an interview” page to learn more. Remember, when you are hiring a new employee, you are looking to hit the CENTER OF THE BULLSEYE!

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